Top Played Sports

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Top Played Sports – With the increase in video games people may think that it’s the end of the sports world but they are highly mistaken. People now a day not just like to participate in sports but they like watching it too. The world is filled with more than 200 major sports and regional sports are countless. Here are most played sports of the world.

Sports that are played around the world

  • Soccer

Soccer is one of the biggest world sports of the world. This football associated game attracts more than 3.5 billion people from all around the world. Let’s not consider the audience of the countries that are playing this game. But a waste majority in Asia and Africa also watch the game with full zest. With thousands of teams participating every year only 50 teams make it to the big run. Not just the world cup but the soccer leagues are also very much famous and highly viewed. As far as the game played, almost all the schools in Asia, America, Africa and Europe offer a soccer team or aims at building one. Also football sport complexes are made throughout the world to promote the game. Major generators of soccer is Europe, America and Africa while Asia in the run of making good soccer players. But it is viewed throughout the world with same intensity.

  • Cricket

One of the most played sports of the world. This gathers an audience from the Asian countries till Australia. Not so much teams in comparison with soccer but countries are making their way into cricket now. Mostly old teams have been making cricket history but still a big audience of 2.5 billion enjoys watching the game both live and on their televisions. The English county and 20/20 world cups have definitely increased the impact of the game. Also in Asia, Australia and UK cricket is considered a great game and there are tuitions and teams on regional level trying to make their way in the national and international team.

  • Tennis

A one man show game and sometimes more than one , Tennis is considered to be world’s most played game because it involves a good deal of audience about 2 billion from around the world. Starting from Europe to Africa and from Asia to Australia, people wish to play this tough and energetic game. Tennis clubs and private trainings are very much common in Europe and Australia generating a number of players every year. The same pattern is boosting up in Asia as well for the promotion of the game. Approximately 1 billion people view tennis from around the world.

  • Volleyball

The beach chilling and exotic game of volley ball gather the fifth most audience of 9000 million viewers. This game is visible more on exotic beaches of Africa and Europe.  A major population of America has been indulged in volleyball for a long time. And there it’s a part of the school sports as well. Volleyball teams are trained on regional, national and international but on international level the game has not been able to create so much hype in comparison with other games.

  • Table Tennis

Place a table in the centre and don’t let the ball go out of it with the help of little handles. This apparently simple game is very much tough as it deals with your nerves. The game has 850 million viewers. Players from Europe, Africa, Asia and America gather for the international table tennis contests. On school level the game is not much promoted but personal training and private clubs offer table tennis to  a great deal.

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