Played Sports in the World

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Played Sports in the World – Here is a list of the world’s biggest sports games which are based on data collected on the amount of coverage from so many online sports news websites on a regular basis across the biggest countries of the whole world. With all that research, the following are some sports that are played by the whole world.

Sports that are played around the world

  1. Football or Soccer

Soccer is ranked in the top 10 sports of the world and it is a very popular sport. Soccer is played by almost 90% of the people in Africa, South America and Europe. The final world cup gets watched by more than 600 million people and the CL final is watched by more than 300 million people. This is not just a random person saying but it is proven to be true. There are more than 200 countries that participate in the world cup qualifying. The most popular and best players of soccer are Messi and Ronaldo. They are also ranked in the top 10 most highly paid sportsmen. These two gentlemen have set so many amazing records. Fans loves to bet in there team and they also watching in different online sportsbook.

  1. Basketball

Basketball is played in the US and China, and also in the major countries across continental Europe and South America, this is the main reason why it has become the world’s popular sports. There are over 200 national basketball alliances. The most popular and most highly paid basketballers are LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. They are the best basketballers of the world. These both are not only the best players of basketball but they are also handsomely paid.There more good team or player and you can check there different profile in some gambling sites.

  1. Tennis

Tennis is the world’s most universal sport which is being in the top 7 sports in every country of the world. Tennis is widely played in Asia, Europe, Australasia, Latin and North America. Not to forget that it is the 3rd best and most popular sport in the world. The best players of tennis are Wimbledon finals is the number one and Roger Federer is the 2nd best tennis player of all time. They are also paid with great money for their awesome personality and skills. The names of these two guys have been ranked in the top 100 of every 40 countries.

  1. Cricket

Cricket is the sport that is most common played in the sub-continent of India and half of the world’s population is addicted to cricket. Also in Australia, UK and South Africa. The 2011 world cup that was between Pakistan and India was watched by more than 400 million people globally and it was reported by 1 billion. The highest paid cricketer in the world is Mahendra Singh Dhoni who earns almost $30 million a year.

  1. Baseball

Baseball is the 5th most popular and most played sport in the world and it is played in US and Japan, it is known as the biggest sport in the latter. Not just in US and Japan but it is also a popular sport in Mexico, Korea and Canada. The MLB and Nippon league are the two most popular and most attended events of baseball. There are so many stars of the world that are of Latin American origin.

  1. Formula 1

Formula 1 is an exciting sport and it is played in the Europe and Latin America, it is also developing a huge interest in all over the world. Who doesn’t like to race and this sport is all about it. So much money is required just to organize one race. More than 500 million is needed for per race. The Formula 1 organizers spend more than $3 billion in organizing one single race. However, all of this is worth it.

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